16. december 2010 at 21:55 | Miwako Melon |  Life of Melon!
More tattoos.
More fame.
Be thin.

I know fame is way to be alone but I dont care.I cant live without this.I realized that every moment in my life directed to one destiny.I know it sounds arrogantly, but its not.Its just a big lifelong dream.
But it is not as big as the dream of Bill.
Bill or fame?
Surely Bill.
He is like a drug I cannot quit him.He definitely falls into my life.First time I saw his face I was fascinated.His face was beautiful like face of womans.So perfect.He is man of my life.Prince on white horse.And this fact will never change.

Bill Kaulitz.
You are sense of my life.

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1 Miriam Miriam | Web | 17. december 2010 at 21:20 | React

Nj, Bill je taková holčička. Ale mě s evíc líbí to, jak zpívá, než to, jak vypadá.
Mimochodem, na té fotce jsi ty?

2 Miriam Miriam | Web | 18. december 2010 at 22:00 | React

Myslela jsem si, že jsi to ty. Moc ti to sluší. Máš pěkné vlasy a podobnž styl jako já :)

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